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Laura Goss

‘Sexist’ hats removed from National Trust gift shop

The National Trust has removed hats that sparked outrage on social media following a ‘sexist’ message printed on the front.

The hats, which stated ‘Future Footballers Wife’, were being sold in the gift shop at Tatton Park, Cheshire.

Laura Goss, posted to the Trust’s twitter page to say: “This stupid hat is for sale at Tatton Park. Your young female visitors deserve better merch (+ better grammar).”

Other Twitter users shared their disgust, one said: “I too am a disappointed National Trust member. I do hope it’s removed from Tatton Park and any other shop. Please confirm @nationaltrust.”

Another said: “An appalling lack of judgement . Perhaps you need to check the shops at all national trust properties and tweet the outcome of your checks?”

The National Trust responded by saying: “Tatton Park is entirely managed by Cheshire East Council and this product isn’t on sale at our places.

“We’ve shared this feedback with Cheshire East Council and they have removed this product from sale.

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  1. Oh for goodness sake! Do you really think any woman would wear that unless she wanted to? Some women WANT to be a footballers wife.

  2. If they were for existing footballer’s fiance’s you might have a point. I think the problem is they are kids hats, not hats aimed at grown women, and clumsily serve to reinforce the idea that a girl’s highest aspiration in life and indeed whole purpose for existing is to be someone’s wife and measure success on the type of husband they can ensnare rather than by their own worth as human beings in their own right.
    Sadly, there seems to be a market for such dross, so I assume people are actually buying these things for their kids.

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